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Policy Spotlight
NRF in Washington: Advocacy update October 2022

Regardless of which party emerges victorious from the elections, critical policy priorities remain that should be accomplished before the end of the current session of Congress. Here are three issues retailers are watching closely.


Top issues on our agenda

Organized Retail Crime
NRF has stepped up its efforts to have Congress address the issue of organized retail crime.
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Supply Chain Infrastructure
NRF supports initiatives that modernize the nation's infrastructure.
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Swipe Fees
Credit and debit card swipe fees cost retailers and their customers nearly $140 billion each year.
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Protecting Consumer Privacy
Safeguarding consumer privacy is one of retailers’ top priorities.
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Labor Relations
NRF supports restoring the NLRB's role as a neutral arbitrator in labor-management disputes.
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Year in review

Policy Committees
NRF has numerous committees and councils dedicated to informing and supporting the retail industry.
NRF letters comments and testimony
View advocacy communications from NRF to Congress, the White House and federal agencies.

Get involved and make a difference

Congress is currently considering many issues that affect the retail industry. We need your help to make sure Congress hears from retailers. Use these online tools to contact your representatives and make your voice heard.

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